1. Alice, Pillans Point School: What do you do on your birthday?

2. Room 1, Flag Swamp School: Do street children in Mongolia go to school?

3. Rachel, Waitaria Bay School: How did the children heal wounds or get better from infections when living in the tunnels?

4. Tatuanui School: What do the children do to stop being bored in the tunnels?

5. Hannah Gibson, Henderson Primary School: How do they keep themselves and their clothes clean in the tunnels and out in the country?

6. Cameron Bremner and Spencer Lintott, Sefton School: Are they rich people or poor people in the apartments or both?

7. Sheree Forsythe, Gorge Road School: How do the children get to the Centre and what do they do when there are too many children there?

8. Class 4NN, Inglewood High School: What is the hardest thing the street children face when they go to the drop-in centre?


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