1. Anne-Marie, Taikorea School: What made you (the Bryans) go to Mongolia to help?

2. Lisa, Coley Street School: Have you grown attached to any of the children you help?

3. Jaram, St Josephs School: What happens to the street kids when they are too old to live in the centre? Where do they go?

4. Angela, Rangiora New Life School: What are the conditions like underground when it rains?

5. Lisa, Woodlands School: Do the police harass the children and what is the feeling towards the street children, by police and general public?

6. Andrew, Hawera Intermediate School: What assistance do unemployed people get from the government?

7. Portia, Taonui School: What kind of clothing and shoes do you wear?

8. Genevieve, Oxford Area School: Will you miss Mongolia when you come back to New Zealand?


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