1. Jessie, Springbank School: Do Mongolians celebrate any special occasions?

2. Matthew Boys, Hakataramea School: Is the number of street children in Mongolia increasing or decreasing?

3. Alexandra Hardie, Rangi Ruru Intermediate: If a street child becomes really ill at the Light House can she/he be treated at a hospital in Ulaanbaatar and what are the hospitals like?

4. Holly, Southbrook School: Do some of the street kids sleep all alone?

5. Royce King, Hikutaia School: One of the street children on our poster we got said, "home is more important than food". Would most street children say that and why?

6. Amy Shipton, Welcome Bay School: If the children in the Lighthouse could have one wish, what would they wish for?

7. Brook Evans for Nathan, Waitakaruru School: Are any other countries helping?

8. Jasmine Tucker, Woodford House: What is the biggest difference you feel between Mongolia and New Zealand?

9. Samantha, Whangamata Area School: Does your work change the way you see children of countries like NZ?


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