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Re: Sport The Light House children, Light House - March 20, 1999 at 12:27:38 p.m. (1 Reply)

What type of sports do you have? What is your favourite sport? I play hockey
>>Mongolians play MBA basketball, wrestling and soccer. I dont play sport. I would like to try roller blades.
>My favourite sport is small bore rifle shooting. I do it once a week, but I like sports like soccer and rugby too. I like rollerblading.
>Hi, I'm Sally, I used to play soccer, and basketball, but now I just do Athletics and Netball. Do you get really cold? Phil thinks we should come and teach you rugby, cricket, athletics and netball because a world without them would be very sad indeed
Yes, sometimes we get really cold. You would be welcome to come and teach us how to play those English games.

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