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Re: general Darimaa and Gantsatsural, Light House - March 20, 1999 at 3:33:35 p.m. (1 Reply)

Do you have wrestling at school?
>>Do you watch cartoons?
>>Do you play at the childrens park and are there see saws?
>>Do you swim?
>>Do you play soccer?
>>Do you go to dances?
>No, we don't have Wrestling at school.
>Yes, I sometimes watch cartoons, I love rugrats!
>We do have sees saws at the children's parks, but unfortunately I don't go to the park as often as I'd like.
>Yes, I do swim. We have a pool next to our school!
>Nope, I don't like soccer.
>Yes, I do go to dances, they are fun, especially when we get to kiss the boys. How about you?

We like dances but don't kiss the boys as we are too shy.

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