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Re: About myself Tulga, Light House - March 20, 1999 at 3:44:10 p.m. (1 Reply)

Hullo, Dear N.Z. friends,
>>I enjoy being with my friends. I would like to play soccer and basketball.
>>I go to sculpture class and started to study English.
>>Ill be a 9th Grade student , 1st Sept. 99. I watch American basketball on T.V.
>>I started to be a street boy when I left my Uncles home. I lived on the trains for 2 years and then the street. After that I came to this centre.
>>I've learnt a lot since I came here and am thankful for all the people who work and help me here.
>>We love you. See you.
>to Tulga,
>mongolia sounds very different to New Zealand. i like playing soccer, like you. i also play netball which is simillar to basketball. they are alot of fun!
>it is hard to imagine winter over there. in New Zealand winter normally is not colder than 10 degrees.
>Are there lots of people at your school? at my school there are about 1500 girls.
>i am in forth form.
>what subjects do you have?
>is there a University?good bye for now. from lana.

There are 1300 in our school, and 35 in my class. We study Mongolian literature, reading, maths, music, world history, P.E. Sue is going to write a story on the education system here soon, so check the "news" page in a few days.

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