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Re: Sports etc madeline, elias, hanna, michael, j, Marotiri School - March 23, 1999 at 9:49:54 a.m. (1 Reply)

Do you play different sports summer and winter and what are they?

>Which climate to you like best?

Dear Tulga,
We like winter best because we dont get to hot and there are more sports. In winter we play soccer, netball, hockey and rugby. In summer we play cricket and we swim netball is when you throw a large ball through a hoop to get 1 point, soccer is when you kick a ball all the way to the end of the feild into a goal, hockey is when we have a stick that is slighty curved at the bottem and you have to hit the ball with the curved part of the stick all the way to the goal,rugby is when we kick the ball over an H type of thing called a goal post, cricket is when someone throws us a ball and we have to hit it back with a big wooden bat. We also like to swim alot.

From the pigeons (thats our group name)
Madeline age 9,
Elias age 10,
Hanna age 10,
Michael age 9,
Jason age 10.

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Re: Sports etc - Tulga, Light House - March 25, 1999 at 9:40:10 a.m.


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