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Re: 40 Hour Famine Otgonzul, Light House - March 24, 1999 at 9:11:25 a.m.

>>>We are between ages 9 and 11 but alot of younger and older people do the famine too. We have just finished it this weekend and we got very hungry.I made $60. Owen made $100, Rebecca made $60 and Megan made $100. These are friedns in my class.
>We dont consider ourselves to be rich people. There are very wealthy people in N>Z. and very poor people too. We get a wide range of people doing the famine.
>Love Emma

Thank you for doing this for us. The money you give us is spent on good things for us children. Not wasted. I was one of the firt in the Lighthouse and I like it here. We learn good things from the teachers.

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