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Re: 40 Hour Famine Enkhtog, Lighthouse - March 24, 1999 at 9:16:18 a.m.

Our teachers told us about the Famine in N.Z. and we have some questions about it.
>>>>1. How do you get the money?,
>>>>2. How does the money come to us?
>>>>3.What do your parents say about you doing this famine for Mongolian children. Are they happy or sad.?
>>>>4. Why do you want to do this thing? (Famine)
>>>We get the money by asking people to sponsor us. People give us money if we dont eat for 40 hours.
>>>We give the money to the World Vision people in N.Z. and they get it to you through their workers.
>>>Our parents are very happy for us to do thei as they can see that it is helpin lots of people worse off than us.
>>>Because we want to help you all.
>>I want to thank you because you gave us hope and you changed our lives.
>>I want to thank you from all the other children.
>>Even though we cant see each other I want to write a letter and say Hullo.
>I did the 40 hour famine .I got very hungry.I tryed not to think about.It was hard not to think about it.from owen
Thank you for helping us to buy food.

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