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Re: Our Class Fundraising Angela Edwards, Rangiora New Life School - March 24, 1999 at 12:31:48 p.m. (1 Reply)

Dear Enghblod ,
>>Our class has been learning a lot about you and your friends and we have your photo up on the wall of our class . We have been amazed at how you have had to put up with the horrible conditions and we do not think its right . I am raising money to send to World Vision. Our class has an averege amount of $100 so far . We are glad that kind people like the Bryans are there to help all of you . I hope that you will be able to do well at school and help the other children to join the Lighthouse community .
>>I would like to come over to see you . This is not possible at the moment , but it is so good to write to you directly . Our class hopes you will be able to say something back
>>Love from Angela

>Hullo Angela,
>Its Sue Bryan here. When Batsukh my interpreter relayed this message to Enkhbold he was speachless. Then he grinned this huge grin and shook his head. For a lot of these children who have so little knowledge of the world outthere it is hard for them to understand how children on the other side of the world who dont even know them want to help them. This a question we are often asked. So even though he couldnt think of a single thing to say I know he was very pleased to see that he had a personal letter to him from your school. I wil try and get a message from him over the next few days when he's had time to digest this whole business!!
>thank you all anyway for what you are doing for our Centre.
>God Bless you.
>Love Sue.

Dear Enkhbold

Continuing from my last letter I would like to tell you about our class adventure under the school building! We brought some old clothes to school, after interval we changed into them, so we would look like street kids! After a few group photos, one by one we started to scramble through a hole in the side of the primary building. When we were all under there we took some more photos we drank some FM MILK(flavoured milk) that we 'stole' from the fridge. And ate some biscuits that we also 'stole'. But this time it was from the Staff room. Some people didn't want to get the milk or get the biscuits because they were afraid they would get caught!!! When we were under the building we were experiencing what it would be like living in the tunnels! As we found out it would be dirty, smelly and cold etc. In this last weekend we have just done the World Vision 40 hour famine. As we were doing it we experenced what it would be like going without food.Some of us found it hard but some of us easy. Me personaly I found it quite hard. I would not be able to survive on the streets as you have, I also could not pick a pocket if my life depended on it!I hope you are all doing well in the Light House (Great name!!!) and give my love to Sue and Peter Bryan for me, and also could you say hello for to all your friends for me??? Thank-you.

Love Angela.

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Re: Our Class Fundraising - Sue Bryan, World Vision Mongolia - March 26, 1999 at 8:58:39 p.m.


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