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Re: About myself Tulga, Lighthouse - March 30, 1999 at 7:27:17 a.m.

Hullo, Dear N.Z. friends,
>>>>I enjoy being with my friends. I would like to play soccer and basketball.
>>>>I go to sculpture class and started to study English.
>>>>Ill be a 9th Grade student , 1st Sept. 99. I watch American basketball on T.V.
>>>>I started to be a street boy when I left my Uncles home. I lived on the trains for 2 years and then the street. After that I came to this centre.
>>>>I've learnt a lot since I came here and am thankful for all the people who work and help me here.
>>>>We love you. See you.
>>>to Tulga,
>>>mongolia sounds very different to New Zealand. i like playing soccer, like you. i also play netball which is simillar to basketball. they are alot of fun!
>>>it is hard to imagine winter over there. in New Zealand winter normally is not colder than 10 degrees.
>>>Are there lots of people at your school? at my school there are about 1500 girls.
>>>i am in forth form.
>>>what subjects do you have?
>>>is there a University?good bye for now. from lana.
>>There are 1300 in our school, and 35 in my class. We study Mongolian literature, reading, maths, music, world history, P.E. Sue is going to write a story on the education system here soon, so check the "news" page in a few days.
>I am so happy that you are learning lots at your new home. We learn heaps at our school too. This is really neat to hear from you.
>Love julia

I am learning English from Sue and I like it. I want to be a doctor if I can.

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