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Re: 40 Hour Famine Erdenepurev, Lighthouse - March 30, 1999 at 7:28:56 a.m.

Our teachers told us about the Famine in N.Z. and we have some questions about it.
>>>>1. How do you get the money?,
>>>We get the money by asking a few people in NZ to sponsor us a small amount of money if we go without food for 40 hours. Afterwards we collect the money we have earned and send it to you.
>>>>2. How does the money come to us?
>>>I don't know exactly, but we send it to the organisers in NZ and 75% of the money all of NZ makes, goes to you.
>>>>3.What do your parents say about you doing this famine for Mongolian children. Are they happy or sad.?
>>>They are very, very happy that we are helping you!! My parents even gave me some money to send to you!
>>>>4. Why do you want to do this thing? (Famine)
>>>Well, partly because its really fun to know that we are helping people like you, and also its a challenge which I like to face.
>>Thank you Chloe, may God bless you. I am a Christian and have been for 3 years. I'll pray for you. Please reply.
>Thankyou for your reply. It is good to hear that you are a christian. Maybe you could e-mail me at my home? My address is . I would really like to keep in contact with you. I raised $194 in the 40 hour famine, isn't that great! What do you like to do in your spare time?
>Write back!!
>Love Chloe.

I can not use a computer. In my spare time I watch TV and read or play ball.

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