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Re: 40 Hour Famine Susan Warren, World Vision NZ - March 30, 1999 at 7:31:58 a.m.

Our teachers told us about the Famine in N.Z. and we have some questions about it.
>>>>1. How do you get the money?,
>>>We get the money by asking a few people in NZ to sponsor us a small amount of money if we go without food for 40 hours. Afterwards we collect the money we have earned and send it to you.
>>>>2. How does the money come to us?
>>>I don't know exactly, but we send it to the organisers in NZ and 75% of the money all of NZ makes, goes to you.
>>>>3.What do your parents say about you doing this famine for Mongolian children. Are they happy or sad.?
>>>They are very, very happy that we are helping you!! My parents even gave me some money to send to you!
>>>>4. Why do you want to do this thing? (Famine)
>>>Well, partly because its really fun to know that we are helping people like you, and also its a challenge which I like to face.
>>Thank you Chloe, may God bless you. I am a Christian and have been for 3 years. I'll pray for you. Please reply.
>Thankyou for your reply. It is good to hear that you are a christian. Maybe you could e-mail me at my home? My address is . I would really like to keep in contact with you. I raised $194 in the 40 hour famine, isn't that great! What do you like to do in your spare time?
>Write back!!
>Love Chloe.

Hi Chloe,
The best way to keep in touch with Erdenepurev is to send your messages through me. I'll forward them to Sue, who will get them translated and give them to Erdenepurev. You'll get your replies the same way. My address is

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