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Re: Schooling Lighthouse children, Lighthouse - March 30, 1999 at 7:42:56 a.m.

Hi our names are Kendall, Karl and Rosie
>At the age of five
>here in New Zealand we start school. At nine o'clock and end at three.While we are there we learn how to read and write and how to do maths.At 10.30 we have a break and start again at 10.50.We stop again at 12.30 and play Netball,Rugby,tag and lots of other things.The best subject we do would be Explo tech which we do Art ,videoing,cooking,tramping and learning about computers.In reading we often read a book and then do a worksheet to go with it.Maths we learn our times tables.Sometimes when we go home we have homework and after that we watch t.v.
>Do you work in books? What games do you play? How many hours a day are you in school?

We have workbooks, and our schools have two shifts, 8am to 12 noon or 1pm to 5pm. We study 4 to 6 topics each day. We play shooting baskets in the summer. In the winter we play inside games like chess, cards, shagai, and watch TV.

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