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Re: families Sue Bryan, World Vision Mongolia - April 1, 1999 at 2:07:36 p.m.

Room 7 would like to know the answers to the questions:
>1: Why did you have to leave your family?
>2: Does any of your family live with you?
>3: How do you and your family keep healthy?
>5: how how many families are at the lighthouse?
>6: do you miss your families?

1. Many reasons. Mainly poverty, not enough food and care. Often there is drunkenness and violence in the family.
2. No. All my 6 daughters are in New Zealand. The youngest is 18. My husband is with me.
3. We just eat properly and try to get enough rest and recreation to keep well. Most of the time we are healthy, but the dry polluted air gives me sore throats sometimes.
4. There are some 8 yrs old and even younger but the majority are 10 - 12 yrs when they first leave home.
5. We have no adults in the Lighthouse but we have 3 sets of brothers and sisters.
6. Peter and I miss our family. Yes, some of the Lighthouse children miss their families too.

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