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Re: general Rhys Gullery, Riley Griffin, Flaxmere Primary - March 16, 1999 at 1:48:03 p.m.

Do you have wrestling at school?
>Do you watch cartoons?
>Do you play at the childrens park and are there see saws?
>Do you swim?
>Do you play soccer?

>Do you go to dances?

Yes we play soccer in teams with clubs on large soccer fields. We play with other kids our age.

NO we don't go to dances. But at school we have discos we can go to to dance at if we want.

We swim in pools and the rivers and the beach.

We play at the park and there are see saws.

We like to play wrestling but we are not allowed to
play at school.

Yes we watch cartoons in the morning and the afternoon.

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