Mongolia Quiz

Try this simple quiz. All the answers are somewhere on this site. Do the quiz before April 1st, 1999, submit your answers, and we'll choose one correct quiz to win a cool World Vision t-shirt. Have fun!

1. What is the main religion in Mongolia?
2. Mongolia is between Russia and what other country?
3. What is the name of the large desert in southern Mongolia?
4. What is the average temperature in Mongolia in January?
5. What was Genghis Khan's real name?
6. In what year did Mongolia become a communist country?
7. What is a ger?
8. Name two of the places street children sleep.
9. What are the Mongolian words for the Light House?
10. Where exactly do Peter and Sue Bryan come from?
11. How old is Battsetseg?
12. What organisation funds the Light House?
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