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The Light House is funded by World Vision New Zealand, using funds from the 1998 and 1999 Forty Hour Famines. New Zealand children go without food for 20 or 40 hours (depending on their age) and find sponsors who donate money for each hour the children go without food. Many schools and churches organise groups to do the Famine together. The event raises over NZ$2 million each year, and the money goes to emergency relief and rehabilitation all over the world.

When Peter and Sue told the children how New Zealand children go without food to raise money to support them, they were very interested and amazed that children their age would do such a thing. They wanted to write to the children in New Zealand but as most of them canít read or write one of the older boys wrote on their behalf. His name is Naranbat and he is 16 years old. This is the actual letter he wrote (translated into English).

From the Light House Ulaanbaatar Dear children of New Zealand, We are children like you who are living in New Zealand. Because you have sent us support we have good food to eat and a place to stay, clothes to wear and the most important part is that we are expanding our knowledge and participating in training. We are a big family of 45 children and we have nice teachers and directors who work with us and when we grow up we will remember the New Zealand children who have been helping us. But we know very little about you and I was thinking you probably donít know much about Mongolian past and present.

The Mongolian Empire was once very powerful and our ancestors originated from the Wolf (Genghis Khan). I believe you have heard of Genghis Khan. After that Mongolia was under the Manchu Empire from 1600 Ė 1900, but we have gained our freedom from them. Mongolia now has a parliament, and is the 19th largest country in the world. We have an agricultural economy but our output is very low.

There are 21 provinces and the population is 2.4 million. There are about 600,000 people living in Ulaanbaatar. People worship Buddhism, but Christianity is spreading like a branching river. The children you are helping are from the poorest layers (the poorer classes) and they used to live in very bad conditions but now they feel they are like other children. Now we have a very happy life. Thank you very much and goodbye.

Additionally, we would like to know about you and get information about New Zealand and posters.



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