News from the Light House

From March 9th to April 1st 1999, Peter and Sue sent stories and photos about their life in Mongolia and about their work with street children there. Here are their stories.

A Mongolian Saturday - Uploaded 8th March

Free time at the Light House - Uploaded 9th March

Mealtime - Uploaded 10th March

Introducing Batsukh - Uploaded 11th March

Batsukh's trip to the countryside - Uploaded 12th March

Connections - Uploaded 15th March

Why we came to Mongolia - Uploaded 15th March

Horses and cars in Mongolia - Uploaded 16th March

The Story of Gantushig a "Lighthouse Boy" - Uploaded 17th March

Arts and Crafts - Uploaded 18th March

The New Zealand Connection - Uploaded 19th March

Shagai (Shooting bones) - Uploaded 22nd March

A Poor Family's Story - Uploaded 23nd March

A Day in the Snowy Countryside - Uploaded 25th March

Water in the Ger Districts - Uploaded 25th March

Making Airag (by Batsukh) - Uploaded 26th March

Visitors from Hong Kong - Uploaded 29th March

Meet the Staff - Uploaded 30th March

Childhood in Ulaanbaatar - Uploaded 31th March

One World - Uploaded 1st April

Last Words - Uploaded 1st April