Arts and Crafts
There are several different sorts of extra curricular activities offered in various buildings around the capital to the children in U.B. (Ulaanbaatar). For instance there is a Music Palace, Sports Palace, and Arts and Crafts Palace plus a theatre. Most use the name palace. Some of our children go each afternoon to the Arts and Crafts Palace for different activities. Batsukh and I went to visit the Palace one afternoon and here are some scenes and an account of what we saw.

This is the Arts and Crafts Palace. It's an impressive building from the Russian era, as are a lot of the Govt. buildings here. In front of the building is a Statue of Lenin on the left. The walls and floors of the Palace are adorned with various beautiful works of art achieved by the children who have attended these courses over the years. I was amazed at the quality of art produced and on display.
First you visit the Coat Room. Because of the amount of clothing one needs to wear when outside in this climate, all buildings, offices, restaurants etc. have a "coat room" where you deposit your bulk of clothes so you don't overheat in the warm buildings. You are given a numbered counter which you present when you leave so you can once more envelope yourself before you brave the outside elements.

Straw pictures' like this one are made by splitting straw grass reeds and ironing them flat. These are dyed or left natural and intricate scenes are created by gluing them onto large black wooden boards. Some of the teachers were away that day so we didn't get to see the sculpture, wooden painted dolls or painting and sketching classes that our Kids attend.


In another room more reed work was being made into something totally different. A tube is made by intricate plaiting of the reed and this is then turned into the most amazing things.


One of our girls, Ariintuya, in striped jersey, displays a large straw dog she has made.

Back at the Lighthouse three girls proudly display their reed work, and macramé creations for me.


This is one of Munkhzul's paintings. It is a typical Mongolian countryside scene of river, Gers, and horses with large rock formations and sunset in the background.

Meanwhile three boys are learning the guitar from Ono, a Lighthouse house parent. Here is Naranbaatar having a lesson. The teacher tells me they are doing very well.

The children from the centre love attending these classes as they have never had the opportunity to do anything creative before.