Meet the Staff

Lighthouse Assistant Manager I'm 26 and married and I have been working with W.V. for nearly 2 years. I love working with the Street kids. It's very exciting and can be difficult work at times but they respond very well. I love to bring happiness into their very poor and sad lives. Many have suffered from physical and sexual abuse and I am studying Child psychology at the moment so I will be better equipped to help them.
Translator I would like to share how my feelings have changed since I started working at the Lighthouse as Sue's translator. When I was young I wanted to be an artist, but have worked as a kindergarten teacher with children from good homes. I did not have good feelings about street kids, because I just saw them as dirty kids who stole and fought. I was not sure about how I would like working with street kids. But I have learned to love these children who need lots of love and care. In the weekend Chuck, my husband and I invited Tulga, a Lighthouse boy to our home. He stayed with my family and he enjoyed it. I would like to say a huge 'Thank you' to you all in N.Z. for the love and care you show for my Mongolian brothers and sisters.
House parent. I'm married with 3 children who attend secondary school in U.B. I used to work in an International children's camp in U.B. and taught mainly children from wealthy families. I always felt sorry when I saw street kids but I did not like their dirty habits. In the beginning it was difficult to work with them but after one and half years they have changed very much. We and the children have learned a lot and we have good times at the Lighthouse. Their attitudes have changed little by little until I'm happy to work with them. Thank you N.Z. for your great Heart, I know our children are thankful to you.
Psychologist I'm a single 27 year old female psychologist. Before I came to work with World Vision I did not think too much about street kids. I would get angry when I saw them and thought they were lazy and bad although I did feel sorry when I saw them so cold but felt I did not have anyway to help so many. Since then I have learned a lot both from a W.V. seminar I attended on Street kids and from working with them. My most unforgettable day was when we first opened to street kids and were able to give them food, shelter, care and love. I was so happy to get them clean and wash off all their dirt and saw how happy they were. My attitudes about them have changed so much and I like working with them. I want to say thank you for enabling our kids to learn a lot and giving them hope for the future.
Senior educator Married with 2 children. I used to work part-time for a Government street children's centre but we couldn't do more than wash and vaccinate them. I wanted to do more for them so was very happy when I got the job with W.V. Lighthouse Centre. I love my job but I do get emotionally involved with the children and always feel I wish we could do more for them and help more children. I thank you I have the chance to help these children.
Driver Married, our 41 year old driver. I studied for 4 years at the Military Academy in Russia as a Tank engineer. I drove tanks both in Mongolia and Russia until 1990. I always felt sorry for the street children not having a nice home but got angry with them for making a mess in the stairwell where I live. Now I understand them a little better but when I see how hard it is for them on the streets I do wonder why they leave home.
Cook Grandfather of 2 and father of 5. I was a Unit Commander in the Mongolian Military for 25 years. I learned to cook in the Army but this is very different cooking for 70 street children. It is like having a very large family, it is noisy and sometimes they fight. They always eat everything I cook and I like to see them growing healthy and strong and am glad I can help them in this way. I hope these children will take the opportunities the people of N.Z. have made available to them and become good, hardworking honest citizens of Mongolia. Thank You.
I'm a 30 year old single female and a secondary school teacher. I used to see many children on the streets of U.B. but never thought about why they were there except maybe their parents were lazy and would not work for their children. Since working for the Lighthouse as the Project administrator my attitudes have changed a lot and I now have good feelings about them as I see them changing.