One World

By Naranbat, He wrote this essay for the UNICEF Mongolia Essay Competition and we are proud to report that he was one of the winners. He has since been featured in media reports, and has been to several meeting and functions for essay winners.

As Mongolian people we have had a very long historical period where we have had good times as well as made mistakes. We have had many different kings, many oppressive rulers and difficult times during our history. We don't know how many difficult times our Mongolian brothers and sisters in the past had to give this new generation for us.

How is life for Mongolians today? Can we continue to develop this country we have received? It will depend on us. It will depend on our knowledge, talents, strength, education, and also will depend on our parents and teachers who are developing and caring for us. Human beings are different from one another by language, face, tradition, culture, and development. Even though we are different, one thing brings us together. This unifying factor is social development, which is progressing around the world in different countries in different times, by different ways.

Did Aristotle, Karl Marx, and other people believe what they said would happen in the future? They were not prophets of their day, just normal people, but they used their potential more than others. They might have believed that social development would bring human beings together. That's why these wise people left their words for us.

Let's think about the word "social". Our former generations had different social structures than we do now, didn't they? Let's try to answer that question.

Social structures aren't structures without roots. Because mankind goes forward and looks to the future they do not have time to look back at the past. If we took time to look at this big thick book called 'History,' we might find a better developed society and life. We need to do something and move on instead of being lazy at this moment. It is already the time to find the reason of this large historical tornado.

Our famous poet D. Natsagdorj said this in his poem "Star". There are many stars and many planets around them. How many of them have life? How many of their lives are dying. No one knows. Maybe they study our worlds' life, but who knows?

There is a saying that if a country's social development is too advanced it means this society is going to fall. So here is the question: Will our society fall? Is our society on the highest level? No one knows.

We are becoming adults who will be responsible for carrying on our society. Also our society is developing us. We have to work very, very hard to carry our country. But everything is done and ready for us. Parents hide the truth, so we live under an appeal just for the day's food. This is just a selfish, stupid way. We can change this by throwing away the thought about money.

For example; Our generation's children say I have money so I can go to school and I can buy everything. But it is not true. Can they buy everything? Can they buy a work place or a job? Can they buy higher positions?

It is a really wrong understanding. If these children think this way, what about the children who have lots of potential to work and grow but are from normal families. They do not have money, so the government needs to discipline these children.There are children who think about life in better ways. Before they become adults this social poverty, rich people's quarrelling, thoughts about food and clothes are killing them mentally. If government representatives and leaders can not be together how about people.

There are possibilities to redevelop Mongolia. We need lots of time and we need to work hard of course.

There are 2 ways.

1. We need to decrease the number of unemployed people. 3% of the population of Mongolia living at the poverty level. Where is the poverty? There are so many people that do not have work and there are so many families headed by women.

If poverty increases in our country there will be lots of bad results, for example, lots of street people. Some countries, for example China, might monopolise our country. This would mean Mongolia's extinction. So what we need to do is develop. If we get sponsors and charity from abroad, we should not only give these gifts just for poor family's food. We need to rebuild the factories which have stopped. So there will be lots of work places for us. We need to use the animal resources and process them in Mongolia instead of sending them to other countries.

We will stand up. So we should strive for success. Life is a struggle. Even if we have disappointments or discouragement we still need to continue striving for social progress. If we do not fight it will fall on us. We are children who need to strive without being afraid of the struggle.