Last Words

I have finally managed to get together all those Mongolian W.V. staff who did the FIRST MONGOLIAN 20 HOUR FAMINE!!!!! Here they are. We didn't raise a lot of money, about 60.00US but it's getting the idea across that I was most concerned about and I think that has happened.

What can I say about the Connection?
It has been a heap of work. There have been moments of crisis but it's also been challenging and exciting and it has certainly raised awareness of the plight of the Street Children of Mongolia in many places around the world.

I have been impressed by the variety and the insight of some of your questions. I can see that many of you really tried to understand the situation here. I know that there will be many more informed people out there as more and more folks discover the site.

Lastly the Lighthouse kids and the children of N.Z. have made contact with each other and learnt a little about their very different lives which is what it was all about. I have made new friends and will miss the daily contact with you and all the children of N.Z. Most of all when I wasn't panicking I have enjoyed it immensely.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be involved in something so far reaching and worthwhile.

God bless you all and take care,
Sue and Pete