Frozen solid
Five large frozen legs of beef just delivered to the Centre. This meat will last one week
Our tiny kitchen
Munkhzul, 20 plus, (female) is one of our 2 competent cooks and performs miracles in a tiny room 2 x 2 metres. They prepare and cook 3 meals a day on 4 hot plates, and what bench space is available. The main meal of the day they cook for 60. Besides the 40 plus in Lighthouse 1, the 20 children in Lighthouse 3 receive a prepared meal also. Like all cooks Munkhzul and her colleagues are always cheerful. Today we are having Tsuivan, my favourite Mongolian meal. The recipe is in the resource folder.
The raw materials
Noodles, for Tsuivan, a round bread, and piece of mutton, wait on the tiny bench to be turned into tasty food.
Giant meals
Note the size of the saucepan needed to serve up for 60 children. Also note the blackboard in the background. This room is multipurpose. Dining room, school room and recreation room.
Good habits are taught
Boys Myagmarsuren 13, and Erdenepurev 13, wash hands in the small bathroom before lunch.
Yum, yum
The children always enjoy their food. Girls and boys in the Lighthouse Centres are never late for a meal!
Staff take a lunch break
The Lighthouse 1 staff who are on duty also share the meal. Here are Battsetseg, administrator, Pete, Project Manager, Oyun, House parent and Javsaa, Senior Social worker enjoying the Tsuivan.