Introducing Batsukh

This is a message to you all from Batsukh, my Mongolian Interpreter who is helping me to convey your questions in Mongolian to the Lighthouse Children. She then interprets their answers back to me in English. I think she's pretty clever as well as beautiful and she is also a nice friendly person. I feel very lucky to have her work with me for this month and I know we will have lots to tell you. I will let her introduce herself and communicate to you what she wrote. Over the next month I will be telling you lots of stories of the things we are doing together as she helps me with my job.

Greetings from Mongolia.
I will be your friend for a while. I would like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Batsukh (Strong axe) - that is why I am very strong woman....(joke). My husband's name is Chuck from USA. We married 7 months ago. We live in Ulaanbaatar. I like to make hand crafts, like to draw, dance and have fun. I was working with Disabled people, blind children and a blind American woman, and orphan children. This time I am going to work with the Lighthouse Street Children. I love to work. I finished Secondary school, started to study English and still do. I do know about New Zealand a little bit. I like the Kiwi.

Love Batsukh