Batsukh's trip to the countryside

Batsukh, my interpreter, wrote this story for you about her trip to the countryside.

In Mongolia little children ride horses very good. I met with Munkhsukh ("Eternal axe") who is 4 years old and rides a horse very good. His is very small, and he is so funny when he rides and gets off because he is so small on this big horse. He jumps when he gets off. You can see in the picture how small he is on the horse. His father has to lift him on the horse but he jumps down himself.

He started to ride when he was 3 years old. He goes out to the steppes to watch his family's sheep, cows, and other animals. You ride bicycles a lot, so horses are Mongolian country children's bicycles. In the other picture you can see him with his calf in the animal shelter, called a Malyn hashaa (winter shelter). You will notice the calf has a warm pink cover tied around his body to help him keep warm. This is called a nemnee.

Munkhsukh is wearing traditional countryside clothing called a Deel. For extra warmth in the wintertime it is lined with soft baby sheep or goat skins. It is very warm. He also has home made boots on called Gutels.

In the countryside they do not have water from a tap so in the winter time they use fresh snow which is melted either by leaving to thaw or if in a hurry it is melted on the fire. It is used for drinking, washing and cooking.