NEW Resources on Street Children in Mongolia

Through the personal stories of street children in Mongolia, this set explores themes such as responding to challenge, group survival, access to resources, the city environment, culture and change, and social justice. The resources cover achievement objectives (levels 2 to 6) primarily in the Social Studies strands Social Organisation, Culture and Heritage, and Resources and Economic Activities (1998)

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Year 4 - 10 Produced by Gardiner Ward Videos.
$39.95 ea
The street children of Ulaanbaatar live in tunnels where the underground warmth protects them from the harsh Mongolian winter. How did they get there? How do they survive the challenges of the climate and city environment? What was their life like before they came to the city? Through the eyes of a group of street children we see daily life in the city and rural outskirts. We also meet the people who helped them leave the streets and start a new life. Available from November 98. (15 minutes approximately, 1998)
Resource folder MONGOLIA - MY HOME
Year 3 - 8 By Alison Squires
$49.95 ea
This teacher resource folder is full of activities and resources to help students explore life and culture in Mongolia, following the lives of a group of street children on the streets and in their new home and family. The folder includes 12 A4 colour photos featured in the photo pack "Street Children in Mongolia", teacher notes, photocopy masters of stories, maps, diagrams, Mongolian words and other fascinating aspects of daily life. (The full-colour A1 poster "The streets are our home", with teacher notes and unit plans - levels 2 to 6 - is included.) Available from February 99.
Year 7 - 10 By Alison Squires
$34.95 ea
12 A4 colour photos with extensive activities and photocopy masters looking at life in Mongolia, especially for children living on the streets. (The full-colour A1 poster "The streets are our home", with teacher notes and unit plans - levels 2 to 6 - is included.) Available from February 99.
Year 9 - 10 By Alison Squires
$6.45 ea
After the withdrawal of Soviet finance, Mongolia is making rapid transition to a market based economy. The sudden economic and political changes have created Mongolia's first street children. In this 32-page book, students find out what it's like for these children living on the streets in harsh winter conditions, their lack of access to basic resources and how they make decisions. Students also look at the changes in society and how these, as well as cultural interaction, have affected everyday life. The book also examines how people are seeking social justice and human rights on the children's behalf. Available from February 99.



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