Mongolia Street Connection

In winter, temperatures in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, can drop to minus 40. It’s no place to be out at night, but the city’s street children must survive somehow. Most huddle on boards balanced precariously on the city’s underground hot water pipes, risking scalds rather than freeze above ground.

Through the immediacy of the internet, your students can follow New Zealanders Peter and Sue Bryan through a typical month of their work with some of Mongolia’s street children. Students can read regular stories about aspects of Mongolian life and about Peter and Sue’s work. They can also e-mail questions and messages to Peter and Sue, and even communicate (through an interpreter) with some of the street children themselves.

This topic will be especially relevant in 1999, as the Mongolian street children will be a major focus of the 1999 World Vision Forty Hour Famine.

During the four weeks of the programme (March 9th to April 1st 1999), this internet site will form the basis for an integrated Social Studies unit, with sections suitable for levels 3 to 5 (year 6 to 10). The unit can be used alone, or teamed with the soon-to-be-released World Vision resource set on Mongolia. Registered schools will receive a free copy of the internet-based unit during February. They can also access the internet site, send questions and messages, receive Peter and Sue’s weekly fax messages, and take part in weekly audioconferences.

To be part of this interactive education event, send in your registration form now. Registration is FREE to all New Zealand schools. Schools in other countries are welcome to register, use the site, and submit questions, but will not be able to access audioconferences.


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