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Student Name: Drew Coxshall
School: Rockdale Park school
Category: About Mongolia
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:Why did russia help mongolia to get back on thier feet?
Answer: Mongolia lies between Russia and their old enemy, China. It was in Russia's interest to make sure Mongolia was strong enough to keep the Chinese out, as if the Chinese took over Mongolia, that would leave Russia more vulnerable. Russia put their own troops in Mongolia, as a protection for both Mongolia and Rusia. While the troops were there, it was also good for Russia to make sure Mongolia was a prosperous, comfortable place for them. Also, Mongolia was communist and had many political links with Russia, and so benefitted from exchanges of expertise and loans.

Student Name: Katy Thomas
School: Baradene
Category: About Mongolia
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:Is Mongolia in Debt to IMF? Does this affect the ammount of money the government can spend on the streetchildren?
Answer: Yes, the country is in debt, but this is not one of the major factors in limiting the amount Mongolia can spend on street children. The lack of general development and production in the country has much more effect.

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