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Student Name: Kylie Browne
School: Flaxmere Primary
Category: About Mongolia
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:
What sort of cars do you have?
Do you have cars?
Do many people have cars?
Answer: We do not own a car personally but our Project has a Korean Hyundai Jeep. Four Wheel drives are used a lot here because of the snow and ice on the roads and once you get out into the country and off the main roads it is almost a necessity if you dont want to get into difficulties. Russian jeeps have been very popular in the past but more recently Japanese, Korean and even American vehicles are appearing. German cars such as Mercedes Benz and Volvos are also popular. Before 1990 very few people owned cars but the situation is rapidly changing. Private ownership of cars is quite small but growing. Most cars are owned by companies, Ministries or Aid Organizations. Traffic jams are actually occuring now on occasions in the city. Country people rarely own a vehicle and if they do it is usually a very old Russian Truck which is used for transportation of animals, hay and the moving of their Ger and belongings when they move to new pastures usually 3-4 times a year.

Student Name: Colin
School: WGC
Category: About Mongolia
Answer: .

Student Name: Ben Bakalich
School: Woodlands School
Category: About Mongolia
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:Do the people eat horses and if they do how do they kill them?
Answer: Yes, Mongolians do eat horsemeat. This has been a more difficult question to find the answer to but it seems that they stun them first with a heavy bar. When unconscious they cut the main artery in the neck.

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