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Student Name: sara
School: Gorge Road
Category: About Mongolia
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:why are there so many poor people in your country?
Answer: Mongolia is going through great economic changes from a Socialist system to a Democratic system of government. This change is causing great hardship and high unemployment at the moment. A lot of the factories, farms and businesses have been forced to close or cut down their production during this change. There is no Social support system for those unemployed so they receive no money. This is causing hardship, especially inthe cities. The country people, if they have animals can live off them at least.

Student Name: Helen
School: Wellington Girls College
Category: About Mongolia
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:Are Their cats in Mongolia?
Answer: Yes, there are cats in Mongolia. But not many and they are not a favoured animal. They much prefer dogs. Of course there is the most beautiful of all cats here. The snow leopard which is projected.

Student Name: Cameron
School: Hikutaia
Category: About Mongolia
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:What do they traditionally eat for breakfast lunch and tea?
Answer: This varies greatly between country and city, summer and winter, rich and poor.
City people eat bread a lot more than countrypeople. Summertime country people eat mainly milk products and no meat. e.g. airag, yoghurt, and various ways of preparing milk. Boiled mutton and mutton soup thickened with flour is a basic food for the countryside. Noodles and steamed meat dumplings and streamed bread is used. Hot milky tea flavoured with salt is a basic drink.
City people are more likely to eat 3 meals a day while country people only a breakfast of airag and a big meal of meat and flour products at night. Very few vegetables are eaten although that is changing in the city. Because of the extremely cold climate only potatoes, onions, swedes and carrots are grown. That is changing with more influence fromthe west.

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