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Student Name: Michael Prebble
School: Flaxmere Primary
Category: About the street children’s centre
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:What is it like at school?how long do you go to school for? what do you study at school?
Answer: The children in the Lighthouse have classes from 8.00am till 11.00am each morning. It is a little different from your school classes as most of these children have never been to school or have had very little schooling. Some of them have to learn how to write first.
They begin with simple exercises practising forming the Mongolian letters and numbers. Its like starting off in the Junior classes. But most of them learn very quickly and are soon ready for Maths, writing stories etc.
Some of our children have advanced so well that they are now attending the local State school in our area. Most of them love to learn and are so proud when they can write their own name.
They study similar subjects to children in N.Z. covering all the basics in education, but they also learn about Mongolian History, Mongolian script which is the old traditional Mongolian way of writing and quite artistic.
It is different from Mongolian letters which are the Russian cyrillic alphabet and I think there is information about this on the Web site.
Mongolian children start School at 8 years old after attending Kindergarten for several years. They go to 10th Grade when they are about 17-18 years old.

Student Name: Taurine
School: St Marys
Category: About the street children’s centre
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:How long do the children stay at the centre?
Answer: That varies with the childs circumstances.
Some have been with us since we opened in Dec. 1997 as there is very little chance of them being able to return to their families because the reasons they left home in the first place have not changed.
10% of our children have been successfully reunited with their families after visitation and councellilng by our social workers. Some do not have any family at all, and 2 children will not tell us anything about their families.
Our long term goal is of course to reunite all children with their families. If this is not possible which is what we are realizing, we will have to try other methods of care for these children such as Foster Care which we are researching at the moment.

Student Name: Sinapeta Leausa
School: Flaxmere Primary
Category: About the street children’s centre
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:
Do you eat the same food everyday for dinner?
When it is someones birthday do you have a special meal?
Answer: No, we have different food at the Lighthouse for each meal. It is all real nice food. In the tunnels we used to eat just whatever we could find or beg.
No we dont have special food on our birthdays, there are so many of us we would have special food too often and it would cost too much.

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