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Student Name: Lilly Scanlon
School: Pae o te riri. Tikitiki
Category: About World Visionís work
What kind of animals do you have in Ulaanbaatar?
Answer: In the city there are mostly dogs as Mongolians like dogs and look after them well. Cows and horses sometimes come into the city.

Student Name: Michael Prebble
School: Flaxmere Primary
Category: About World Visionís work
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:
Where dos the money come from?
Answer: Last year, the Light House was fully supported by the World Vision Forty Hour Famine in New Zealand, so the money came from children like you doing the Famine and sending the money in to World Vision. Now, the programmes have expanded, so more World Vision countries are supporting it, but the Famine is still one of the major sources of money.

Student Name: Malavika Gopal
School: wellington girls college
Category: About World Visionís work
Dear Peter and Sue, my question is:
how much money, on a monthly basis, is it costing you to keep this lighthouse going?
are you getting enough money to keep the lighthouse running?
Answer: It cost about $100 a month per child in the Lighthouse. That includes salaries, food, clothing, heating, rent and all other costs. At the moment, we are getting enough to run it, but we always depend on the money from people like you raising money for World Vision so they can support our work.

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